If you live in Utah or visit often then you’ve likely heard of the Utah Ice Castles! This incredible experience is located at the Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah and is only viewable during the winter season!

We knew it was going to sell out fast so we bought our tickets within 15 minutes of tickets opening online! To our surprise, tickets for the first 6 weeks were already sold out by then except for a time slot the very next day! We’re pretty spontaneous and we’re so glad we hopped on this opportunity because it made for some epic photos!

But that’s not without a few challenges, so here’s a few tips from the perspective of someone going to the Utah Ice Castles for photography specifically! 

Stephen staying warm thanks to his insulated jacket from Lululemon

What time of day should you go to get the best photos at the Utah Ice Castles?

We went at 12 noon and were scared the lighting at the Utah Ice Castles would be too bright and harsh for great pictures! To our surprise, the low-laying sun on the winter horizon was very forgiving! So don’t be bummed if you don’t lock in a time slot at sunrise or sunset!

What should you wear to be most comfortale?

Prepare to be outdoors and dress for the appropriate weather of the day! It was cold and sunny so we packed warm jackets and waterproof boots. Don’t be a fool and show up in converse or vans, your socks will be wet within 5 mins! Remember, it’s an ice castle…outdoors…that melts….and turns to slush…that you walk on!! haha so don’t wear Uggs or anything that will soak water!

How can you get the best photos at the Ice Castles?

If you’re a content creator like us, bring a tripod and take some pictures on self-timer! Don’t get frustrated if there’s lots of people in the background of your photo. There are plenty of photoshop and Lightroom tutorials on how to photoshop people out of your pics!! To be honest, we hate using photoshop so we just waited 10 mins here and there for the perfect photo opportunity! 

Where should you stay on your visit to Midway, Utah? 

We recommend staying at a cabin or Airbnb in the mountains so you can enjoy nature for a few days! Here’s a list of available airbnbs in the area:

Utah Ice Castles in midway bree and stephen taking a pic

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Jan 1, 2021



The Utah Ice Castles in Midway