personal brand photography at studio noire noir

We love taking our own personal brand photography just as much as any photographer, but should you hire a photographer or take your own photos? This post may be controversial, but these are our honest thoughts!

First, we have to talk about the benefits of hiring a photographer so you can decide if those benefits are worth booking a local professional! A photographer can help you feel confident, organized, and fluid when you don’t know how to pose on camera.

If you don’t want to bring a tripod, handle the lighting, think of creative poses, and edit your own images… then heck yes you need to hire a photographer! That’s how we got these amazing images by @moosestudio at Studio Noire Noir in Salt Lake City! 

personal brand photography at studio noire noir

But what if those tasks don’t seem too bad? Maybe you don’t mind bringing your tripod, you love personal brand photography, and you don’t want to deal with hiring a professional every time you take pictures? Well we do NOT blame you! That’s why we often take our own pictures 🙂

Which items do you need to take your own personal brand photography?

to take your own photos, you’ll need a tripod, a smart phone or camera, a trigger to take the photo, and a list of prompts or poses to stunt in your photos!

What skills do you need to take your own images?

to take your own photos, you need to understand lighting and composition to determine the look and feel of your shoot! you also need to know how to edit photos in tools like Adobe Lightroom or photoshop!

What are your favorite prompts for pictures as a couple?

We have a lot of go-to prompts! Here’s a few:

Hold hands, step apart, and look at the camera with a serious face

personal brand photography

Sit down and have the other hug you from behind

Incorporate props into your photos for an added element!

Reach your hands out to the camera for a more editorial/edgy look! (extra points if you make it a double exposure!)

Bring faces close together and close your eyes

Pick up your partner (or piggy back rides!)

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Dec 18, 2020



Personal Brand Photography: Self Portraits vs Hiring a Photographer