3 Breathtaking Salt Lake City Day Trips for 2022


September 28, 2020

bree and stephen salt lake city day trips

Thee Salt Lake City Day Trips better be on your bucket list! Salt Lake City gives you mountains, hot springs, and deserts all within a few hours! Here’s our top 3 favorite Salt Lake City Day Trips that you NEED to add to your bucket list in 2022!

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Dirt Road to Silver Lake Flat Reservoir

salt lake city day trips salt lake flat reservoir

During summer months, take your vehicle on an adventure up to the Uinta-Wasatch mountains for a view of Silver Lake Flat Reservoir! There’s nothing better than driving through gorgeous aspen trees with the windows down so you can bask in the fresh mountain air! 

salt lake city day trips salt lake flat reservoir

Don’t forget to bring your dog because this area is dog friendly!

When is the best time of year to visit Silver Lake Flat Reservoir?

Fall foliage is a must see in this area, so we recommend visiting in late September or early October to catch the peak color changes in the trees! The aspen trees will color faster in higher elevations, so go to a lower elevation if the trees are gone when you arrive!

salt lake city day trips salt lake flat reservoir

On your way up the trail, look to your right to see a lovely view of the Tibble Fork Reservoir! There’s places to pull over and take pictures with an overlook!

salt lake city day trips salt lake flat reservoir

Where should you stay near Silver Lake Flat Reservoir? 

There are plenty of Airbnbs near Silver Lake Flat Reservoir, we recommend staying somewhere with AC and Heating because the weather can range from desert heat to winter snow and you want to be comfortable – especially if traveling with your dog!

2) Bonneville Salt Flats

Located less than 130 miles west of downtown Salt Lake City is an exotic desert landscape where the salt lakes dried up to create a beautiful white/crystal phenomenon in front of the mountains!

salt lake city day trips bonneville salt flats

What should I pack to Bonneville Salt Flats?

Bring lots of water to stay hydrated! And since the salt in abrasive, bring boots for your dog! You don’t want them to ruin their paws while running on the salt. You’ll also want to plan to wash your car within 48 hours because the salt can eat away at your under-carriage!  

salt lake city day trips bonneville salt flats

How good is the cell service in Bonneville Salt Flats? What if I get stuck?

Thankfully, the cell service is usable in the Salt Flats so you don’t have to worry about getting lost or stuck. There’s also tons of people around to help you if you cant find your way in or out of the place! 

salt lake city day trips bonneville salt flats

Do I need a 4wd vehicle for my Salt Lake City Day Trips?

We recommend using an SUV or a vehicle with 4wd or AWD at Silver Lake Flat Reservoir or Bonneville Salt Flats. You might not NEED it, but the one time you do, you’ll want it! If you choose to go with a smaller vehicle without AWD, consider driving with multiple friends and cars just incase you need a safe ride out!

3) Provo Canyon

Provo canyon is only 45 miles from SLC international and it runs between Mount Timpanogos and Mount Cascade. You can get epic views of Bridal Veil falls as and ride your bike along the Provo River Parkway! 

Admit it…I  (Stephen) look comfy AF. It’s because I’m rocking the Lululemon City Sweat Hoodie and City Sweat Joggers!

When is the best time of year to visit Provo Canyon?

Provo Canyon is gorgeous year round, but you’ll want to stay on call for fall! The autumn colors are stunning, especially near the river! Late October to early November is the best time for autumn colors, check the fall foliage map to be certain! 

Where should you stay near Provo Canyon?

We recommend contributing to the local economy by staying at an Airbnb! Here’s a list of the available Airbnbs near Provo Canyon:


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