Editorial. Casual. Adventurous.

That's how we would describe our work if someone asked. We believe in capturing the moment in the most raw and true version of it. 

We create down to earth lifestyle content that's relatable and obtainable to majority of people-  we love working with brands that understand the importance of having an unforgettable experience and value synergetic relationships. 

We believe that everyone can experience the simple joys in life with a little bit of planning along with a lot of spontaneity. We're always stoked to discuss new opportunities with brands that are trendsetters.

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View on Youtube // Jackson Hole, WY Vlog

Our Vlogs

Our video style is a mix of casual vlogging and cinematic montages. We love showcasing our day to day lives and also creating travel based content to show viewers the options and experiences that they can have in a new place!

what you can expect:

ᐧ Lots and lots of Sequoia

ᐧ Unique experiences

ᐧ Hiking + camping

ᐧ Traveling + the places we stay

ᐧ Day to day life (running errands, working at coffee shops, etc)

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