These conversation starters for couples are road trip and dog walking approved. Warning: you may fall deeper in love with your partner while discussing these questions and your dog might try to comfort you while you shed a few tears!

You’re a couple, we’re a couple….

You like road tripping, we like road tripping…

But have you ever felt like you’ve run out of things to talk about as a couple? You don’t want to talk about the weather but you already know your partner on the deepest level (or so you think)…so which conversations will ignite passion into your relationship and help make those road trip miles fly by? 

As of writing this, we’ve been dating for a lovely 5 years and we’ve driven 100,000 miles together! Going on vacation is so much fun, but the driving part can get exhausting if you run out of things to talk about! Try to ask your partner one of these questions on our list of road trip conversation starters for couples – you’ll be amazed at what it does for your relationship!

conversation starters for couples on road trips

road trip conversation starters for couples

1) What did success mean to you when we first met and what does success look like to you now?

When Bree and I first met, success was all about growing a business and making money – but now it looks more like starting a movement and making an impact! In 5 short years, our mindset has got from an ‘us’ mindset to a ‘we’ mindset! 

2) If we doubled our budget for this road trip, what experiences would we add to the itinerary?

Don’t wait until you’re a billionaire to imagine your dream life. Bree and I love discussing new experiences and adventures we can go on if we add $500 or $1000 to our road trip budget!

3) What impact has our relationship had on others?

It’s easy to feel small in this giant world, but it’s also important to recognize the big impacts you make on those around you. Periodically, Bree and I will reminisce on the souls we’ve crossed paths with in life and how we’ve impacted them. The average person meets 900 people per year, how many of those people were changed for the better after you met?

road trip conversation starters for couples

4) What does the world need more of?

The best wait to leave the trail is better than you found it, so we often fantasize about a better world for mankind. One of our favorite quotes is:

Life’s good when it’s lived for oneself; it’s great when lived for others. The true means of happiness is to lose your mind by thinking for others!”

5) What are your favorite memories from our relationship?

Two people can experience the same moment in vastly different ways. Bree and I have been on countless adventures together, but there are a few that stick out in my mind as my fondest memories. What are YOUR fondest memories with your partner? Tell them, and then ask them what theirs are! 

6) What’s the next thing we should learn together?

We love trying new hobbies, business strategies, meals – you name it! A life is measured by its’ depth, not its’ length! That’s why we try and learn 1 new skill per week! What’s the next skill you and your partner want to learn together? It could be a new sport, language – really ANYTHING! But it can’t be netflix all the time…life is too short to stare at a screen together all day!

7) Who helped us get to where we are today?

It can be easy to forget where you came from and the people who helped you along the way! Don’t let those memories fade, constantly put out a vibe that shouts your gratitude to the people who helped you achieve the success you are currently experiencing! 

Thank you for enjoying these 7 road trip conversation starters for couples – let us know where the answers to these questions take you and make sure to have a blast on your travels!

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road trip conversation starters for couples

Bree + Stephen are adventurous entrepreneurs based in Salt Lake City, Utah! They’re pioneers of the NO BS Podcast and hosts of their YouTube channel where they share travel videos, business tutorials, and lifestyle content! They live with their German Shepherd, Sequoia and are usually chugging coffee while on their way to a hike! Please contact us for business inquiries or collaborations! 🙂


Oct 6, 2020



7 Road Trip Conversation Starters for Couples