Pottery At Home With Crock’d


December 11, 2020

We always wanted to make pottery at home so we did some online research and hit the jackpot when we found the company called Crock’d! They mail you some clay, tools, and an adorable list of “Clay Breakers” which are conversation prompts to warm up the vibe before you create with clay! How cute!! 

They even give you instructions on how to glaze/blaze the clay at kilns near you! They encourage clay creators to network with local kilns to meet other clay artists and engage with the community – and you know we’re all about community building!

Pics From Our Pottery At Home With Crock’d

Pottery At Home With Crock'd
Pottery At Home With Crock'd
Pottery At Home With Crock'd
Pottery At Home With Crock'd
Pottery At Home With Crock'd

Here’s what we made!

Disclaimer: we have 0% experience with clay so our artwork is mediocre, but this inspired us to go to a local kiln and practice our clay making!! How could would it be if we made pottery at home that we could eat, drink, and serve off of? That’s the goal! 

Pottery At Home With Crock'd

Here’s some FAQ’s about Crockd that we were curious about incase you are, too:

Should you protect your countertops from the clay steins?

We were a bit nervous to put the clay on our countertops because we did not want to stain the white quartz countertops so we used our bamboo cutting boards from the kitchen to work the clay! The clay brushed off and washed off the cutting boards nicely so we recommend doing that as well if you want to prevent the clay from staining your counters!

How much does it cost to order a clay making set from Crock’d?

You can order a 1-2 person clay making set from Crock’d for $62 + shipping! It comes with everything you need to form your clay into shapes. If you want to glaze/blaze your clay, you can go to a local kiln for $10-$20 for a batch of items!

Can you fire/blaze the clay at home yourself?

If you can figure out how to get to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit without burning your house down, let us know! Otherwise, use a local clay kiln and network with local artists!

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