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Sunset Cliffs Engagement Session – Stephanie + Michael

Sunset Cliffs is one of San Diego’s most visited locations, so we were a little nervous planning Stephanie and Michael’s Sunset Cliffs Engagement Session! But these two were champs and followed us down the path less traveled, we ended up in this secluded spot!

If you’ve never been to Sunset Cliffs, it’s a natural landscape where sandstone meets coastal waves! The waves crash on the cliffs until the force of the water creates caverns for you to explore. Tune in to the end to see if they jump in the water!😉

These two cleaned up well for their session! If you’re planning your engagements and you want to look your absolute best, here’s some tips on what to wear to make sure you slay your session! 

If you are a photographer and you’re diggin’ the editing style in this Sunset Cliffs Engagement Session, try our Lightroom Presets! These presets work best for photographers who shoot their subjects backlit (with the sun behind the subject). Make sure to underexpose your photos because you don’t want to lose your highlights when applying this preset!

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