Meadow Hot Springs: Our Favorite Hot Springs in Utah


April 3, 2021

If you’ve ever been to Salt Lake City, chances are you’ve looked into visiting one of the 12 natural hot springs in Utah! Fun fact – Utah is home to the warmest scuba diving in the USA – a gnarly 96 degrees!! We’re from Florida so you know we love diving in the springs, naturally we had to see what Meadow hot spring had to offer and we were NOT disappointed!! 

We arrived 30 minutes before sunrise on a weekday to avoid crowds and it was so surreal! You drive on 5 miles of dirt roads to get to the spring entrance, then you can either hike or off-road with a 4×4 to the 3 different spring swimming areas! 

There were a few awesome van life campers at the spring when we arrived – they told us they had a fire right next to the hot spring under the night sky and had the time of their lives! Another reason why we need to get a van sooner than later…

Meadow Hot Springs: One of Our Favorite Hot Springs in Utah

Anyway, the hot spring was so freaking DOPE!!! The water was less warm than a hot tub and surprisingly did NOT smell like sulfur! (I, Stephen, can be a little baby with smelly hot springs…but thankfully this one didn’t smell at all!!)

It seems like morning time is the better time for a chill atmosphere – we checked the IG location tag and it looks like the evening crowd gets more rowdy with alcohol/music/partying! We honestly don’t care too much for the rowdy crowds when we’re out in nature, so we’re so happy we got up early for this experience!!

You might have a few FAQ’s about the hot spring so we’ll clear those up for you in the following segment of this blog post!!

What Do You Pack to Hot Springs in Utah?

There are no changing rooms at most hot springs in Utah, so bring shoes that are easy to change in the middle of the woods with! You’ll want to pack a towel, a bath robe, a change of clothes, snacks, water, and a trash bag to pack out!

You should also bring extra socks incase you get your socks wet or muddy! Bring goggles if you want to go underwater and see the hot springs, just be careful not to hit your head on a rock on the way up!

What Do You NOT Pack to Hot Springs in Utah?

Please do not bring glass. We see many people drinking glass liquor bottles on IG and it’s not cool! someone could hurt their feet due to someone’s selfish drunkness. Don’t get me wrong, we love to party…but glass in a natural hot spring is a no no!!

Practice leave no trace principals at this spring. There is no bathroom so be prepared to go in a bag that you can pack out. You can also leave your negative attitude at home since this hot spring is a lovely place to enjoy positive vibes!

Where Is Meadow Hot Springs?

Meadow Hot Springs is 2-3 hours south of Salt Lake City in a small town called Meadow! For reference, the nearest Starbucks is 90 minutes north. The only services within 25 minutes of the hot spring are a gas station!

Meadow Hot Springs: One of Our Favorite Hot Springs in Utah

Can You Camp at Meadow Hot Springs?

Yes! The owner of the land that Meadow Hot Springs is on is super nice and lets people camp on the property as long as they leave no trace! So please, if you read this article and visit any of the hot springs in Utah, be respectful of the land!

How Much Does it Cost to Get Into Meadow Hot Springs?

Meadow Hot Springs is donation based so you could technically get in for free! Not bad for a free campsite or daily activity with family and friends!

Meadow Hot Springs: One of Our Favorite Hot Springs in Utah

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Meadow Hot Springs: One of Our Favorite Hot Springs in Utah

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