make your own wine kit brewsy photos of bree and stephen on a picnic at daybreak utah

After living in California for 3 years, there’s no hiding our love and appreciation for good wine! Unfortunately in the State of Utah, it’s illegal to mail in our favorite wines or alcohols from out of state. That’s where Brewsy comes in with their make your own wine kit!

All you have to do is grab your favorite juice (we chose cranberry for our first batch), add their magic powder and provided sugar, mix and BREW for fermentation!! You’ll have yummy 15% alcohol in just 5 days!

Brewsy is a small business based out of New Orleans, LA. Their wine kits are the perfect date night activity, gift idea, or new hobby that thousands of brewers are indulging in all over the world!!

You might have some of the same questions we had, so we’ll explain how it works so you can decide is Brewsy is right for you! (hint, if you like wine and DIY nights with your friends or family, you’ll love Brewsy!)

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How Much is Brewsy’s Make Your Own Wine Kit Compared to Traditional Wine Bottles?

A Brewsy Kit is $45 and makes 12-18 bottles of your favorite wine! Brew your own wine for a little as $2.50 per bottle! 

How Sweet/Dry is Brewsy’s Your Make Your Own Wine Kit?

Brewsy comes with an online calculator where you type in the sugar content per 8 ounces of favorite juice, then you decide how dry or sweet you want your wine! The Brewsy calculator gives you the right number for your desired taste!

This was actually Stephen’s first question!! We prefer dry wine to avoid the headaches we get from dessert wines. Thankfully we made some dry red wine from cranberry juice in just 5 days!!

Can You Make Keto Wine?

Yes! According to their site, “yes! Brewsy is 100% keto-friendly and every single recipe has a ‘low sugar’ or keto setting!”

make your own wine kit brewsy photos of bree and stephen on a picnic at daybreak utah

When Does Your Wine Exprire?

Your magic Brewsy bag (with the Yeast) lasts 1.5 years, your wine lasts 3-5+ years in a fridge!

Is Brewsy Gluten Free?

Yes! According to their site, “”yes! brewsy is 100% gluten-free and made in a facility that does not process gluten-containing ingredients.”

make your own wine kit brewsy photos of bree and stephen on a picnic at daybreak utah

Where Should I Go If I Have Questions About My Wine?

Brewsy has a free FaceBook group where thousands of happy customers share their wine success stories!

Does Brewsy Have a Money-Back Gurantee?

Yes! They are so confident in their product that they’ll give you your money back if you aren’t satisfied! How cool is that? We support small businesses like this who stand behind their customer service!

make your own wine kit brewsy photos of bree and stephen on a picnic at daybreak utah

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Apr 1, 2021



Brewsy: Make Your Own Wine Kit