Glamis Sand Dunes Engagement Session

We woke up before the butt crack of dawn (literally at 1:30am) to drive out to Glamis sand dunes to do this engagement session and these two did not disappoint!  

We normally prefer sunset over sunrise but since it was going to be over 110 degrees in the evening we all made a mutual agreement to wake up realllllllly early to do this session & honestly it was amazing! There was no one there, and we all got to watch the sun rise over the dunes which was a special moment in itself. And, can we just talk about how killer these two look (Uhm, hello! Kylene in this red dress is FIRE!)

Glamis is also just one of our favorite spots for engagement sessions because it totally doesn’t even look like you’re in California anymore! Since these two are getting married in Oahu, they wanted something a little different than a typical beach engagement session and we were completely on board for the dunes since you can never go wrong with pictures here!

They were troopers and hiked up and down the dunes to get to the perfect location (which is a freakin workout!) and somehow still managed to look flawless while doing it!

Here are some of our favorites from their session:

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