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Anchorage Alaska Elopement Photography

If you know us, then you know that we are always down for an adventure. Especially if it involves the mountains and forest. So, when Cassie & Sean reached out to us to fly to Alaska to capture their elopement, we were ecstatic! Enjoy this Anchorage, Alaska Elopement Photography!

We met these two beautiful people through one of Stephen’s childhood friends. We felt like we’ve known them for a lifetime. These two are just such warm & welcoming people! We got the chance to hangout with them for the weekend following up to their wedding! They showed us some of the best parts around Anchorage, Alaska, took us on hikes. They even let us join their friends and family for some beers around the bonfire!

If any of you have been to Alaska, then you probably are aware of how the weather is totally unpredictable there! The first two days were absolutely gorgeous, sunny skies & warm weather. Then of course, come time for the wedding it was raining & cold! This was way out of our comfort zone since we are normally used to photographing our couples during sunset. We didn’t let that stop us from getting some beautiful photos of these two! They had the best attitudes although the weather wasn’t ideal. We loved that they had such a carefree spirit throughout the entire day.

Also, we seriously loved that she wore her boots to the wedding! (these are definitely a staple in any Alaskan wardrobe!) The crazy wind & rain made for some pretty candid, yet awesome portraits!

Here are some highlights from Cassie & Sean’s elopement, enjoy!


Anchorage Alaska Elopement Photography
Anchorage Alaska Elopement Photography
Anchorage Alaska Elopement Photography
Anchorage Alaska Elopement Photography
Anchorage, Alaska Elopement Photography

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