El Matador Beach Engagement Photography Session | Sammy & Connor

So so so obsessed with this El Matador Beach Engagement Photography Session!

This beach. This couple. This sunset. DEAD

When Sammy had reached out to us for their engagement session, we bounced ideas back and forth on where to go! This beach popped up in our minds and we knew we had to do their session here. We had never been to this beach before and it was only a few days after the fires in Malibu, so we were nervous that we wouldn’t be able to access it. But, everything ended up working out perfectly! 

These two babes have been together for 10 YEARS. Yes, 10 years. They’ve pretty much been dating since they were in 6th grade, and that’s impressive on it’s own #relationshipsgoals. They were so carefree, and just went with the flow with whatever ideas we had (even making them climb on a huge rock for an epic photo) and we love them for that.

Here’s some of our favorites from their gorgeous El Matador Beach Engagement Photography Session – enjoy:

el matador beach engagement photography session
malibu beach engagement photography session by bree and stephen
romantic engagement photography by bree and stephen
couple doing a piggy back ride on the beach
engagement photography on malibu beach

If you are a photographer and you’re diggin’ this editing style, try our Lightroom Presets! These presets work best for photographers who shoot their subjects backlit (with the sun behind the subject). Make sure to underexpose your photos because you don’t want to lose your highlights when applying this preset!

  1. […] Next on the list is El Matador State Beach! This beach is one of the 3 that make up Robert H. Meyer Memorial State Beach in Northern Malibu. The sunsets here are seriously to DIE for, just like the one we photographed during this engagement session! […]

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