Mission Trails Engagement Photography | Kat & Sean

We met these two at a local bar in Downtown San Diego, and we bonded over our love for beer and dogs (like we do with most of our couples, to be honest) and we instantly fell in love with them! They have such a unique vibe about them and they are the epitome of cool. This Mission Trails Engagement Photography got us even more excited for their wedding!!

They totally balance each other out because Kat is so extroverted and is naturally the center of attention since she does improv, and Sean is a little bit more on the quiet side; but together, you can tell these two were a match made in heaven! 

We originally planned on going to Julian to do their engagement session but ended up changing plans last minute and decided on Mission Trails here in San Diego, and we are so glad we did. This was our first time here but we can see why it’s a favorite location for people! Just look at those mountains and that light! Also, we’re still not over Kat and her dress, like daaaaang girl!

Cannot wait to party with these two in just a few short weeks for their wedding!

Mission Trails Engagement Photography
photos of a romantic couple in mission trails
Mission Trails Engagement Photography

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