If you and your k-9 are looking for a dog friendly list of places to stay during your San Diego trip – Airbnb San Diego has what you need! We took the time to compile a list of 12 gorgeous Airbnbs with great scenery and epic convenience for your fur friends!

Airbnb San Diego | Our Favorite Places and Activities

While you’re in town, there’s a few places we suggest you explore to make the most of your trip! From fur-friendly restaurants to sunset spots with your dog, we have your back!

1) Windansea Beach in La Jolla

Airbnb San Diego | A Dog Friendly List

Enjoy views of the surfers and feel the cool ocean water on your toes! Windansea Beach is only 10 minutes from La Jolla and is rated as some of the bluest water in Southern California!

2) Caroline’s Seaside Cafe

Best viewpoint to grab coffee and breakfast, hands down! The photos on their instagram speak for themselves: 

3) Carlsbad Cliffs at Terra Mar Point

Airbnb San Diego | A Dog Friendly List

An easy 40-mile day trip from Downtown San Diego will take you to Carlsbad, California! Go here to watch sunset on the cliffs with your pup – there’s no better way to experience Airbnb San Diego!

4) Cedar Creek Falls

Take your dog on an early morning hike to a waterfall! The trail gets super hot by 10 am so make sure to get your dog off the trail by that time! Remember, your dog is always 15 degrees warmer than you because they always have a fur coat on! 

Airbnb San Diego | A Dog Friendly List

Thank you for enjoying this Airbnb San Diego list of dog friendly places! DM us a picture of your dog in San Diego if you end up making the trip, we’d love to see your fur friends on an adventure!

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Mar 10, 2020



Airbnb San Diego | A Dog Friendly List!