When you stay at a cabin in mammoth lakes, you’ll want to search Airbnb Mammoth Lakes first to see what dog-friendly options are available! Thankfully we found some of the best spots and we’ll share them here! 

Sunrise in Convict Lake

We’ll also share some great spots to take pictures or hike with your pup – like convict lake! As photographers, we know the struggle of wanting to find the most epic scenery while also staying as close to the car as possible so you don’t have to lug a bunch of camera gear 20 miles into the wilderness!

Our dog, Seqouia enjoying Convict Lake

First let’s share the list of pet-friendly Airbnbs and then we’ll get into some fun activities in the area! 

airbnb mammoth lakes - hot creek geological site
Hot Creek Geological Site

1. Airbnb Mammoth Lakes – Snowcreek #967

SnowCreek #967

This gorgeous place boasts grand views of the tree line and fresh mountain air to enjoy from the outdoor balcony! The host suggest going boating in the summer or skiing in the winter to make the most out of your trip!

SnowCreek #967

2. Awesome spot in Mammoth Lakes – Village Monache #629

Village Monache #629

Who wouldn’t want to enjoy their warm morning coffee on this balcony? 

3. Airbnb Mammoth Lakes – The Mammoth Lakes Mountain Lodge

 The Mammoth Lakes Mountain Lodge

Sure…you could stay in plenty of hotels or condos during your trip to Mammoth lakes…but few houses are zones for nightly rentals like The Mammoth Lakes Mountain Lodge! Loaded with epic amenities like a deck with a steaming hot tub, you’re destined to have a great time!

 The Mammoth Lakes Mountain Lodge

Just make sure to pack your swim suit! I always forget one on my mountain trips😆

4. Airbnb Mammoth Lakes – The Village Lodge Condo!

The Village Lodge Condo

Enjoy a poolside atmosphere to relax in after your epic day in the mountains! The Village Lodge is perfect for the friendly type who enjoys meeting people by the pool.

The Village Lodge Condo

This condo sure does feel like a hotel with these expansive ceilings in the main lobby! Not a bad way to Airbnb Mammoth Lakes!

The Village Lodge Condo

5. Airbnb Mammoth Lakes – Townhouse + Loft at Snowcreek Golf Course

Loft at Snowcreek Golf Course

This gorgeous place has access to relaxing amenities like a hot tub!

Loft at Snowcreek Golf Course

For those of you who are interested in more Airbnb options in Mammoth, we’ve included a widget below with the most up-to-date availability! Pet friendly may vary and we receive a commission when you book through our link (which is awesome because we were going to recommend these rad places anyway!)

Top Places to visit in Mammoth Lakes

1. Crystal Lake

airbnb mammoth lakes - crystal lake with a dog

2. Horshoe Lake

Horshoe Lake
Sequoia Swimming in Horshoe Lake

3. Lake George Campground

Airbnb Mammoth Lakes - lake george campground - top places to visit in mammoth lakes

4. Barrett Lake

Barrett Lake

5. Hot Creek Geological Site

airbnb mammoth lakes - Hot Creek Geological Site
Hot Creek Geological Site

This concludes our awesome Mammoth lakes list! We hope you enjoy your adventure with your pup in the mountains! 

airbnb mammoth lakes - lake george campground
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May 13, 2020



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