When you’re going to Airbnb Salt Lake City, you know you’ll want to bring your fur friend! This pet friendly list of Airbnbs near Salt Lake City will help give you inspiration for your future travels!

Where’s the best place to stay in Salt Lake City?

Airbnb Salt Lake city
Taking Sequoia on a fall hike near Silver Lake Flat Reservoir

You could stay in Downtown Salt Lake City for a more urban vibe or or in Park City to feel immersed in the mountain wildlife! We recommend staying where you budget allows you since you’ll be out of your Airbnb exploring nature for most of the day!

Airbnb Salt Lake city
Taking Sequoia on a fall hike near Silver Lake Flat Reservoir

Should you get an Airbnb in Salt Lake City or get a hotel?

We recommend getting an Airbnb in Salt Lake City so you can contribute to the local small business owner economy! Hotels usually get thousands of dollars in transactions per night whereas Airbnb hosts only see a few hundred dollars, so we like to spend our money on the little guys!

Airbnb Salt Lake city
Taking Sequoia on a fall hike at Provo Canyon

Where’s the best place area in Salt Lake City for skiing?

Some of the ski resorts are NOT dog friendly, so we recommend going to Park City which IS dog friendly! Park City is only 45 minutes east of Salt Lake City and has epic mountains views to enjoy with your pup!

Airbnb Salt Lake city

Where can I Airbnb Salt Lake City near the Salt Flats?

The nearest Airbnbs to the Salt Flats are about 90 minutes away in Salt Lake City area. Unfortunately there aren’t any towns near the Salt Flats with homes to rent for the night!

Airbnb Salt Lake city
Sequoia at the Salt Flats
Salt Flats
Taking Sequoia on a winter hike at Silver Lake Flat Reservoir 
Fall Colors near Silver Lake Flat Reservoir

What time of year should you Airbnb Salt Lake City if you want to see fall colors?

Fall can be unpredictable in Salt Lake City, so we recommend being on call for your travel plans if you want to see peak fall colors! Sometimes they could be in September, other times you’ll have to wait 8 weeks until November…so keep your eye on the yearly fall prediction map!

Selfie at Salt Flats

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Oct 26, 2020



Airbnb Salt Lake City, UT – Pet Friendly Stays and Dog Friendly Activities!