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January 13, 2022

Saint Augustine FL has it all – beaches, history, warm weather, and unique architecture – just to name a few. If you’re visiting Florida and you’re thinking about visiting the east coast beaches, you’d be remiss if you didn’t experience Saint Augustine FL to stroll the stores, cafes, bars, and restaurants. There are a few small-town beaches less than 25 minutes south of St. Augustine that have hidden gem restaurants and beach spots worth mentioning in this article as well. We’re a couple in our mid-to-late 20’s, so we found the top friendly attractions St. Augustine, FL and we’e excited to share them with you!

*This is our perspective of fun things to do in Saint Augustine FL and we may make a commission from purchases made from the links in this article. We do not recommend any products or services that we don’t use or stand behind!

Getting Around Saint Augustine FL

Getting around Saint Augustine FL can be tricky because there is extremely limited parking near the main areas (like the Castillo de San Marcos, the Historic District, and a waffle + milkshake bar that you simply can not miss!) so you need to get there before 10 or 11 am to secure a spot. Weekdays can be hard to find parking as well since more people are “working from home” these days, so we found the best ways to get around Saint Augustine are by car + foot, bike, or trolly!

Getting around by foot + car

Getting around by foot usually means finding a convenient place to park, then walking + zig-zagging through the main streets of downtown Saint Augustine. We recommend getting around by foot + Car if you get to St. Augustine early enough to secure a parking spot in the parking lot next to Cousteau’s Waffle & Milkshake Bar. This parking lot has 15-20 parking spots, gets you 2 hours of parking for around $5, and buys you enough time to walk a few blocks and get a snack or ice cream!

Getting around by Bike

Getting around Saint Augustine by bike is what we decided to do because you can park your bike in various locations the historic district in order to cover more distance and see more attractions! Many visitors will rent a bike, we opted to bring our C7 from Public Bikes! The C7 is a timeless bike for those who appreciate European style and functionality that can handle tough hills like the Bridge of Lions that connects the historic district to the Atlantic coast side of town!

picture of a man on a c7 bike from public bikes who is cruising along the historic district of downtown saint augustine with his german shepherd dog who is wearing dog sunglasses from rexspecs
Stephen + Sequoia cruising with the C7 Bike from Public Bikes

Cruising around Saint Augustine on a bike felt so free and stylish (Especially having Sequoia by our side) compared to the bike rentals in town! We got tons of looks asking if she was a paid actress for a dog and bike photoshoot, the C7 Bike certainly turns heads! We love it! There are so many perks of cruising on a C7 from Public Bikes, but these are our two favorite benefits:

  1. It’s easy to assemble: you know we roadtrip! We drove from Salt Lake City, Utah to Orlando, Florida with the C7 Bike 99% Assembled in our SUV! That’s right, we fit our dog comfortable AND the bike in our SUV without having to use an outdoor bike rack! In less than 5 minutes we attach the front wheel, bike seat, and handle bars with the easy 3-headed bike tool they provide in your order!
  2. It’s aesthetic and “with the times”: The bike is a craftsman’s work of art. Especially in the cream white which blends with our neutral aesthetic like a charm! It’s easy to see why thousands of bike enthusiasts choose Public Bikes over other bike brands: because when you look good, you feel good! 
picture of a man riding a c7 bike by public bikes while his dog walks beside him in saint augustine fl

Getting around by Trolley

Saint Augustine FL has a Trolley system that’s easy to navigate with the hop-on and hop-off spots all over town! Families with young children or elderly folks will take the St. Augustine Trolley as a method of transportation which is great because you can zig zag through some of the smaller roads that passenger vehicles are not allowed. The trolley in St. Augustine is open to the elements so you’ll feel the fresh coastal air blowing through your hair as you take in the charm of the town.

Top Pet Friendly Attractions in Saint Augustine

Stroll The Historic District in St. Augustine, FL

The Historic District in Saint Augustine FL has charming streets to stroll that date back over 500 years! Visitors can enjoy restaurants, bars, and even visit the Castillo de San Marcos which took over 23 years to build! There are tons of pet friendly restaurants with outdoor patio seating in the historic district in Saint Augustine, so bring your pup and enjoy the experience!

The Historic District from Sequoia’s POV

One of the best pet friendly restaurants in downtown Saint Augustine is Cousteau’s Waffle & Milkshake Bar – a grab-and-go waffle haven with the cutest patio seating for you and your pet! We got the caramel brule waffle with caramelized sugar and whipped cream – it was delicious!

picture of the menu at waffle casteuaos st augustine
Menu at Casteuaos

Visit the Castillo de San Marcos

History lovers will get a kick out of the Castillo de San Marcos, a Spanish-built fortress right on the water! You’ll notice it as soon as you drive over the Bridge of Lions. You can tour the inside and rooftop of the castle. Visitors will even grab tickets to a cannon-ball show where they blast off cannon balls into the ocean! The Castillo de San Marcos is even rumored to be haunted with ghosts of the soldiers that guarded the fortress over time. Definitely check this place out when you’re in Saint Augustine, especially since it’s conveniently located near the downtown historic district!

Drive on the Sand at Crescent Beach, Florida

One of the best dog friendly things to do in St. Augustine, FL is drive on the sand at Crescent Beach, Florida. Crescent Beach is less than a 25 minute drive south from St. Augustine. This beach is a local’s favorite because it’s low-key and has a section where you can drive on the sand (after grabbing take-out at Safe Harbor Seafood Restaurant). Crescent Beach is a great place to get away from the busier feel in downtown St. Augustine – you can listen to the peaceful sounds of the waves and birds chirping on the coast, it’s truly a remarkable way to experience Florida.

Pro tips:

  • 4×4 or AWD vehicles are recommended on the majority of the on-beach driving
  • It’s sunny and windy, so bring a portable beach umbrella and ensure it’s secured
  • Pick up after your dog and practice LNT (leave no trace) principals
  • Limit the amount of sand in your car by investing in a Sand Cloud Towel
aerial photo driving on crescent beach in saint augustine fl
picture of a german shepherd sitting on the beach at crecent beach in saint augustine fl  in the photo the dog is wearing sunglasses and sitting like a good girl.

Grab Fresh Fish or Some Hush Puppies at Safe Harbor Seafood Restaurant

If you have a limited itinerary, you’ll want to eat at the top restaurants in St. Augustine during your visit! One of the best seafood restaurants in St. Augustine is Safe Harbor Seafood Restaurant in Crescent Beach! This place is steps from the beach drive-on entrance and even has a dog friendly patio so you can bring your fur friend. Honestly, it’s one of our favorite dog friendly restaurants in St. Augustine because it has a walk-up window to order if you just want to grab-and go (bring your mahi tacos on the beach, don’t forget the tartar sauce)!

The fish tacos, hush puppies, and clam chowder at Safe Harbor Seafood Restaurant was 10/10. It was so good, we went there 4 times in 2 weeks. No shame. We even have pics to prove it.

Munch at Ragga Surf Cafe

The best coffee shop in St. Augustine is called Ragga Surf Cafe, it’s a beach front food truck with adorable picnic bench seating for 20-30+ people. As soon as you park, you’re greeted with the pristine coastal air and an adorable blue truck called Ragga Surf Cafe. They have delicious coffee and breakfast sandwiches with their secret avocado aoili sauce (fire AF!) We also got their home made pop tart with frosting on top, it melted in our mouth and was flakier than making plans is in today’s day and age!

Fun fact -this food truck was once a road trip bus!

The homies at Ragga Surf Cafe keep it real and provide a one-of-a-kind communal area on the east coast of Florida where visitors and beach lovers can kick off their flip-flops and snag some grab-and-go munchies! Plus, you get to munch with an ocean view less than 30 minutes from the Castillo De San Marcos!

If you plan of visiting Florida beaches then go give Ragga Surf Cafe some love on their Instagram: @RaggaSurfCafe! Save their Instagram post for your Florida road trip so you can experience it for yourself (and your dog)!

Map of St. Augustine FL

This Map of St. Augustine FL shows local landmarks and the historic preservation districts as well as parking, restrooms major roads (map of St. Augustine FL courtesy of

Noteworthy Saint Augustine Restaurants Downtown That Are Pet Friendly

  • Harry’s Seafood, Bar & Grille St. Augustine
  • Florida Cracker Cafe
  • Maple Street Biscuit Company (Danger: so good you’ll get addicted, worth the line even if it’s 30 mins)
  • La Herencia Cafe
  • Barley Republic
  • Pizzalley’s Chianti Room
  • O.C. White’s Restaurant

Saint Augustine FL VRBO and Hotel Accommodations

There are an abundance of St. Augustine VRBO and hotel accommodations. If you stay in the heart of downtown, you’ll get great parking and be within walking distance of the historic district in St. Augustine which has everything you need in one place: food, entertainment, bars, and charming scenery! These are the current options for the best VRBO in St. Augustine:

Our Overall Review of Saint Augustine FL

Saint Augustine FL is without a doubt worth checking out, especially for those who are on a quest to see lots of Florida beaches and enjoy 500+ years of history. It’s easy to see why couples, families, and singles find a reason to visit St. Augustine while exploring Florida beaches! Overall, we love Saint Augustine and come here as much as possible when visiting family in Orlando, FL! That being said, here’s a list of pros and cons of visiting Saint Augustine FL

Pros of visiting Saint Augustine FL

  • close to the beach
  • lots of activities for couples, families, and singles
  • tons of dog friendly attractions and restaurants
  • charming with tons of history

Cons of visiting Saint Augustine FL

  • can be crowded even on weekdays
  • hard to find free parking
  • the downtown city is not within walking distance of the beach
  • can be expensive in the touristy areas, that’s why we spent time in Crescent Beach!
photo of a man, woman, and a german shepherd dog running on the beach during sunset in saint augustine fl in the photo you can see the reflection of the dog and the water shimmering light across the golden sand at crescent beach in saint augustine FL

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photo of a man, woman, and a german shepherd dog running on the beach during sunset in saint augustine fl in the photo you can see the reflection of the dog and the water shimmering light across the golden sand at crescent beach in saint augustine FL

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