Our (Official) Engagement Photos


October 20, 2021

As you probably saw on our Instagram recently, we got our *official* engagement photos done by the one and only, Ellie Mckinney Photography!

We put off getting our engagement photos done for the longest time, mostly because we were super indecisive on where we wanted to do them, but also because we wanted to wait until closer to fall time to do our photos. Unfortunately, we were a little bit early for any fall colors, but we still got all of the wild flowers and beautiful greenery up in the mountains– so it was still a win-win!

We wanted pretty casual photos of us with our dog, Sequoia, up in the mountains at one of our favorite places. We didn’t want anything over the top or crazy, and Ellie did an amazing job capturing all of the sweet moments in between along with making Sequoia look like an absolute super model! 

You can’t tell by the photos, but it was about 31 degrees out since we did our photos for sunrise (just to avoid crowds) and we were freezing our butts off for majority of the session until the sun came up lmao. Sequoia was also on her worst behavior and really only cared about chasing sticks and playing in the water– which resulted in us getting covered in mud and wet by the time we were done (the reality of trying to take photos with your dog, right?)

After we finished our session up in the mountains, we headed back to the city and went to Studio Noire Noir, which is a beautiful studio rental in downtown SLC. We’ve shot here before (you may remember it from last December!) and we just love the simplicity and modern feel of this place. So it made sense for us to go here again and get some more editorial styled photos! 

Overall, we are so thrilled to finally have some photos of us to document this time in our lives and be able to print these in a little scrapbook to look back on! It’s always nice to have another photographer take some photos of us since we typically always resort to self portraits, so it was a great experience to not have the pressure of directing it ourselves! We’re so thankful for Ellie + her willingness to travel all the way out to Utah to capture us for our engagement session! If you want to check her out (you totally should BTW, she’s the GOAT) here website will be linked HERE.

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