Ideas for Christmas Home Decor 2021


November 5, 2021

For Christmas 2021, we decided to go all out!! We searched Pinterest for ideas for Christmas home decor and felt like we had a good vision for the vibe! This is our first year living in a townhome instead of an apartment (how did we ever live in such a small space?!) so we decorated the front door in addition to the living room! Sequoia got all her Christmas doggy toys out and we whipped out our favorite Christmas candles so we could truly get in the holiday spirit!

Last year’s holiday season we invested in a stunning 7 ft flocked tree from At Home so, as SOON as the clock struck November 1st, the Halloween decor went into hibernation and the Christmas decor came out!! The most important thing about our Christmas decor is that it feels cozy, joyful, modern! Similar to last year’s decor, we went with a ton of neutrals, whites, and tans like the beaded garland! Then we added touches of red and green as we felt would be appropriate. The key was NOT to overdue the greens and reds!

We also did NOT want to overcomplicate these ideas for Christmas home decor with unnecessary shopping…so we leveraged the decor we already have – like the Sherpa Chair from Target that flows with our decor year round, but emphasizes the Christmas cheer with its’ white fluffy texture! Another item we leveraged was the TV console – we had around 3 feet of vertical space there so we put red candle sticks on thin, tall candle stick holders to take up that space! Bam!

For table decor, we’re obsessed with the mini candles, mini houses, and mini Christmas trees from Hobby Lobby! (Mini everything, please!) We also snagged a wooden deer and wooden glitter trees! That store has it all… I swear!

Christmas Decorating? These Ideas for Christmas Home Decor will warm your heart and get you jolly-filled with holiday spirit and cheer!

Our white and grey stockings this year are from Target! We’re only doing 2 this year since we’re visiting family for Christmas Day. We also love the mini table trees in green or white along with our holiday pillows! I wish we knew where each of them were from but it’s impossible to keep up with the stock list at TJ Maxx and HomeGoods!

You can never have enough pillows, Bree has one for every season lol! I used to complain like your typical man who doesn’t like clutter but now I find joy in changing the vibe as the seasons change! I guess you could say i’m a…domesticated plant daddy? 🤣

Speaking of the random treasures at Home Goods, they had this awesome set of 4 mini coffee mugs! Bree was also determined to find the right advent calendar to celebrate the 24 days before Christmas and Home Goods had an adorable wooden one that lights up a cheerful holiday street scene!

Our Christmas tree topper was from Crate and Barrel! We think it’s a lovely touch to pull the theme together. We even voice connected the Christmas tree to our smart home app via a Weemo Plug so it’s voice commanded to turn on when we say “Hey Google, turn on the Christmas tree!”

Lastly, let’s talk about the front porch! We aren’t used to decorating the outdoor patio since we’re so used to living in a small apartment, so we might have to get more decor in the upcoming weeks…but we love the mini Cyprus tree with Christmas ornaments,  LED lights, and a Christmas colored garland! We’re also obsessed with the mini Christmas gnomes for the front yard (they typically work as tree-inserts but hopefully they’ll last outdoors!) and the “Merry Christmas” floor mat for the front door! 

Decorating for 2021 was seriously SO much fun and we’d love to hear your thoughts on how this neutral Christmas decor turned out! Thanks so much for reading 🙂

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Christmas Decorating? These Ideas for Christmas Home Decor will warm your heart and get you jolly-filled with holiday spirit and cheer!
Christmas Decorating? These Ideas for Christmas Home Decor will warm your heart and get you jolly-filled with holiday spirit and cheer!

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