Top 7 Florida Springs to Visit: Refreshing Water, Manatees, & Camping!


January 28, 2022

The Florida Springs are an otherworldly phenomenon that happens in Florida’s aquifer systems. Deep caves of rainwater flow in underground rivers and they come up into the rivers and lakes across the sunshine state! Believe it or not, you can visit these Florida springs to go swimming in teal water or kayaking with manatees on a clear kayak! If you’re visiting Florida and want some off-the-beaten experiences, you’d be remiss if you didn’t stop at one of these springs for a swim or some photos!

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Florida Springs Map

This Florida springs map shows you 1000+ maps across the state. The majority of the springs are in central Florid and more north. (map courtesy of the

1. Ginnie Springs in High Springs

Ginnie Springs is a swimming park in Gilchrist County which is less than 7 miles northwest of High Springs, Florida. This spring is within 45 minutes of the University of Florida so students and families go here in their free time to take in the natural surroundings. It’s a peaceful place to hang out by the water and read a book, meditate, or chat with your friends. Scuba diving enthusiasts will even cave-dive to the bottom of the spring hole to see it from another perspective.

2. Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, Weeki Wachee

Weeki Wachee Springs State Park, popularly known for its live mermaid show and adventurous kayaking tours, is another top recommendation on our list! This place has deep underwater cave systems and tons of various wildlife life turtles, deer, and owls. State park has one of the best day kayak runs in the country!

Fun fact: in 2007, cave explorers discovered that the Weekie Wachee Spring system is the deepest freshwater system in all of the Florida springs!

photo of beautiful teal water and green trees at Weeki Wachee Springs State Park which is one of the top florida springs

3. Kings Landing, Apopka

Another top Florida spring to explore is Kings Landing in Apopka, especially if you want to be immersed in nature without having to drive more than 30 minutes from civilization! This place is conveniently only 40 minutes or less from Disney and is a fun place to explore Orlando attractions off-the-beaten-path by kayak! This place is on the river on the Rock Springs Run in the Wekiva River Basin so you’re bound to see Florida wildlife and have a peaceful time on the water. We love that there’s no boats on this river, it’s just kayaks and canoes! So it’s extra quiet and peaceful!

Picture of a tree growing in the center of the water at kings landing which is one of the top florida springs

4. Ichetucknee Springs State Park, Fort White

Ichetucknee Springs State Park in Fort White, FL is a rad place to cool off and drift down the Ichetucknee river! This awesome state park is also part of the Great Florida Birding Trail so visitors can see a variety of bird species while visiting. You can also rent kayaks, canoes, and stand-up paddle boards from Paddling Adventures at the south entrance.

5. Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park, High Springs

Gilchirst Blue Springs State Park in High Springs, FL is located on the Santa Fe River. This gorgeous park has a boardwalk from the spring head to the Santa Fe river so it’s a peaceful place to watch the sunrise with family and friends. This park used to be privately owned, and the park was purchased by the state of Florida on November 1, 2017 to become an official Florida State Park. There are 6 natural springs at Blue Springs State Park in High Springs and we love coming here to enjoy kayaking, swimming, and wildlife scouting!  

6. Manatee Springs State Park, Chiefland

Another top swimming hole on this list of Florida springs is Manatee Springs State Park in Chiefland! This place is a solid State Park to relax, hang a hammock, and immerse yourself in nature. You can walk a gorgeous boardwalk along the spring and river to get some peaceful steps in your day.

7. Kelly Park Rock Springs, Apopka

Kelly Park Rock Springs features a free-flowing natural spring in central Florida that is 68 degrees Fahrenheit 12 months per year! This spring is in Apopka, FL which is around 45 minutes northwest of Orlando. This park also has picnic pavilions, playgrounds for kids, and a full-service concession if you get hungry. The best time to visit is early in the morning to see the steam rolling off the springhead!

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photo of the ginnie springs which is one of the florida springs with the most clear water

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