This is one of the top location suggestions we get. If you’re like us, you love exploring a gorgeous place you found online (and you love a convenient road trip) This is our guide to Getting Instagram Worthy Photos in Glamis Sand Dunes!

man and woman holding hands during their elopement in glamis sand dunes - Getting Instagram Worthy Photos in Glamis Sand Dunes

Glamis sand dunes, often referred to as the Algodones, is an exotic landscape in Southern California with 40 square miles of sand dunes. Located just west of the chocolate mountains in Impeial county, this desolate landscape is an iconic place where dozens of couples decide to elope every year.

man and woman kissing during sunrise in glamis sand dunes

It’s no wonder why travelers and explorers from all over the world come to Glamis Sand Dunes to take engagement photos, elopement photos, landscape pictures, and more! We especially love coming to Glamis for adventure sessions!

Glamis sand dunes is absolutely gorgeous and we highly encourage considering it as a location to take your elopement photos or engagement photos!

However, traveling to the sand dunes in the middle of nowhere comes with a few challenges! That’s why we wrote this guide on Getting Instagram Worthy Photos in Glamis Sand Dunes – to help explorers like you get more content without having to do all the hard research!

woman celebrating her elopement in glamis sand dunes


Just because someone posts an instagram picture in August does NOT mean that photo was taken in August, most especially when it comes to Glamis! The average low in July and August is at least 75 degrees Fahrenheit and the average high temperature soars up to 106 degrees!

man and woman holding hands and smiling during their adventure session in glamis sand dunes - Getting Instagram Worthy Photos in Glamis Sand Dunes

The winds can also get up to 40 miles per hour which does not feel good since the air is so hot. In fact, it just blows sand bits in your face so hard that it feels like thousands of needles stabbing you in the face!

For the best experience, you’ll want to plan around the cooler months. Many adventurers even decide to arrive at sunrise to avoid the wind! Morning are calm and less crowded.


According to the Glamis sand dunes government website, a $35 permit is necessary for each vehicle entering the park. For more info on permits, rules, and regulation in the park – go to their website:


While there’s an infinite amount of locations you can take pics, we highly recommend staying close to the car because hiking the dunes is tiring! In all of our sand dune photos, we’re only 200 feet from the car…which takes 10 minutes to walk in the sand!

Osborne overlook is the best parking location because there’s plenty of spaces and you have a gorgeous vantage point! Make sure to wear a backpack with a tall flag so that off-roaders can see you on the other side of the hills…you don’t want to get run over!


It’s no secret that Glamis sand dunes is in the middle of BFE. Take the route that goes on the country roads of Southern California – you will NOT be disappointed! budget an extra 30-45 minutes on your way to Glamis and you’ll grow a fonder appreciation for SoCal! 

As you start to get closer, make sure all members of your party are following each other for the last 20-30 miles of the drive since there’s no service. It’s seriously in the middle of nowhere! No exaggeration, the closest gas station is 20+ miles away. But that just adds to the adventure, right?


Whether you’re going to Glamis for landscape photos, engagement photos, or an elopement, we suggest finding at least one extra piece of content to capture on your journey! this doesn’t just go for content creators and business owners, this even goes for couples planning their elopement!

how often will you go to an exotic place like this? probably not every week or even every month, so we suggest getting some behind the scenes from the journey that you can look back on or doing an outfit change so you can have photos for your Christmas card later in the year!

adventure session in glamis sand dunes - guide to getting instahtam worthy photos in glamis sand dunes

Thank you for enjoying our guide on Getting Instagram Worthy Photos in Glamis Sand Dunes! If you end up going, send us DM on Instagram, we’d love to see your gorgeous photos! 



elopement in glamis sand dunes - guide to getting instahtam worthy photos in glamis sand dunes

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Dec 17, 2019



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