How to Elope at Joshua Tree National Park in 2020 – Couples Guide

With over 1000 sq miles of desert landscape to explore, it’s easy to see why hundreds of couples get married in Joshua Tree national park every year. These are some easy tips on how to elope in Joshua Tree National park!

1. Get the Right Permits

First things first, you’ll need a permit! i know…exciting, right?

The permit is $120 and is easy to purchase from the national park site! According to their site, your professional photographer is also required to obtain a separate special use permit.

2. Plan Around Cooler Months

Joshua Tree is hot AF in the summer. You’ll want to plan your Joshua Tree elopement around the Spring, Fall, and Winter but do NOT catch yourself there between May-August! 

You want to look your absolute best on your elopement day. Save the summer for a location like Yosemite National Park! Plus, when you plan for cooler months, you can bring your dog and it won’t be too hot! 

3. Don’t Rush Yourself, Enjoy the Day

Joshua Tree has hundreds of miles of roads to explore. You don’t need to stick to the hot spots like Skull Rock or Jumbo Rocks (which are gorgeous btw), give yourself extra time to explore new trails that aren’t on Pinterest!

Hike the park the morning before your elopement to get a different perspective of the land! Don’t just enter the park, get sunset photos, and leave – you’ll miss out on experiencing Joshua Tree to the fullest!

how to elope in joshua tree national park

4. Stay At An Awesome AirBNB

One of the biggest questions people have when figuring out how to elope in Joshua Tree National Park is “where do I stay? Isn’t Joshua Tree in the middle of BFE?”

If you like Instagrammable AirBNB’s with aesthetic on point, you’ll be amazed at what Joshua Tree has to offer!

Photo Courtesy of AirBNB listing:

5. Choose Your Ceremony Location

The rangers at Joshua Tree have a selection of gorgeous locations to pick for your location! According to their permit website, the following locations are available for wedding and elopement ceremonies with 25 people or less:

-Hidden Valley Picnic Area (not permitted in March–May)
-Quail Springs Picnic Area (not permitted in March–May)
-Cap Rock
-Live Oak
-Split Rock
-Rattlesnake Picnic Area

how to elope in joshua tree national park

6. Secure Your Vendors

photo by Fox and Flora

You’re in luck because Southern California has thousands of talented vendors to pick from!! Here’s some of our favorites:


-Makeup By Kandice
-Xo Beauty by Alexis
-Makeup by Nancy

how to elope in joshua tree national park

-Desert Aeri
The Station
The Lautner Compound


-SOHO Taco
Harvest Kitchen GastroTruck
Quail Kitchen

3 pictures of a husband and wife taking sunset photos during their california elopement in joshua tree national park

7. Pack Shoes With Great Tread

hiking and climbing boulders in joshua tree national park

You’re never too old to monkey around! Make sure you pack shoes with good grip so you can climb the rocks or even go on a climbing excursion!

8. Rent An Exotic Car

man and woman sitting on a mercedes g wagon during their california elopement in joshua tree

Ever wanted to write “just married” but didn’t want to have to clean it off? Rent a car on Turo and pay extra for the cleaning🙌🏼

bride and groom taking pictures with their mercedes g wagon during their elopement in joshua tree

That’s it for our guide on how to elope in Joshua Tree National Park, we hope this helps get you excited for your elopement day! If you want a fresh smoothie on your drive into the park, stop at the Natural Sisters Cafe! & If you need help figuring out which ceremony location is the most scenic, contact us today!

Elope in Joshua Tree National Park



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