If you’re going to Joshua Tree with your significant other, you’ll want to experiences these top things to do in Joshua Tree! There’s over 700,000 square feet of desert landscape to explore in the area and in Joshua Tree National Park, so add this article to your bucket list!

1. Stay at an Airbnb in the Desert!

If you are in Joshua Tree for a few days, stay at a local Airbnb to contribute to the local economy! Local Airbnb hosts have some inspiring architecture available for comparable rates to the local hotels! Here’s a list of the top Airbnbs in Joshua Tree:

2. Dress Up for Portraits in the Desert!

Things to do in Joshua Tree

Face it, you’re gonna’ get a few Insta pics in Joshua Tree, so you might as well dress up in your favorite outfits! Some couples prefer a dressy outfit while others enjoy a casual vibe, click this article for more tips on outfit inspiration!

2. Rent an Exotic Car and Drive Through Joshua Tree National Park!

Things to do in Joshua Tree

You know which route is the most fun to take to Joshua Tree? The fast lane!! So rent your dream car for the day so you and bae can experience the windy roads of the park!

Plus, we all know that couples deserve a little adrenaline here and there 😉 Drive safe but drive passionately!! You won’t regret it!

things to do in joshua tree

3. Become One With Nature When Nobody’s Watching!

Things to do in Joshua Tree

If you’re anything like us, you know that nature helps us feel connected to ourselves in unimaginable ways! Especially when you take your shirt off in nature!😆 

things to do in joshua tree

If you want to have a topless experience in Joshua Tree to feel connected to nature, we recommend staying at one of the following Airbnbs with a hot tub! Paradise is only a few clicks away!

4. Pop Some Champagne to Celebrate Your Relationship!

Things to do in Joshua Tree

Relationships aren’t easy, they require years of hard work! You know what people deserve when they put in hard work? Champagne. Enough said!

Pro tip for champagne popping photos: take the cork out first! Then put your thumb on the whole while you shake the bottle! Squeeze in the direction away from the wind so your champagne pop photo doesn’t turn into a shower!

things to do in joshua tree

5. Climb on Giant Rocks at Jumbo Rocks Campground!

things to do in joshua tree

Jumbo Rocks Campground is a crowd favorite for climbing on huge rocks the size of buildings! You’ll want to bring shoes with grip to ensure safety while climbing on these rocks!

Photo by @EmilycKrause

What about Joshua Tree Weather? What time of year should you visit?

Avoid the summer months at all costs! If you happen to be in California during summer, check out Yosemite or Mammoth Lakes!  Joshua Tree can be 110 degrees or hotter in the desert and we strongly advise you to visit in fall or winter to have the best time!

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Sep 1, 2020


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Top 5 Things to do in Joshua Tree in 2021 With Your Significant Other