40+ Things to do When Bored at Home & In The House Bored


November 28, 2021

We get it…it’s easy to run out of things to do when bored at home…but you gotta make it happen!! You certainly don’t want to waste time staring at the wall, or worse, scrolling to the bottom depths of Instagram and FaceBook! This is a quick list to give you inspiration for when you’re at home bored with your friends, family, or significant other. Shoot us an IG DM if you try an activity on this list, we want to be part of the fun!! 🙂

  1. Read a book or listen to an audiobook on Audible 
  2. Join a new Facebook group, Clubhouse room, or Reddit thread
  3. Do an exercise that gets your blood flowing
  4. Do a guided meditation and light some incense or a candle to set the vibe
  5. Write in a journal about your thoughts and feelings in the past week 
  6. Clean out your closet
  7. Stretch so you aren’t sore when you work out
  8. Do yoga so you can combine exercise, stretching, and mindfulness  
  9. Do a new art and craft activity 
  10. Clean out your kitchen just drawer 
  11. Reorganize your Amazon wish list 
  12. Clean out your email inbox 
  13. Put on your favorite album and detail clean the house 
  14. Time yourself putting a puzzle together 
  15. Practice the piano, guitar, or another musical instrument 
  16. Grab your favorite Beth bomb and enjoy a bubble bath while listening to piano music 
  17. Dig up those old photo boxes and photo albums and reminisce on old memories
  18. Work on a scrapbook
  19. Go through your phone images and clear out duplicates
  20. Put on a cozy outfit and watch your favorite movie
  21. Listen to a new music playlist 
  22. Call an old friend to catch up  
  23. Reorganize your garage
  24. Put a face mask on so you can up your skincare routine 
  25. Take a walk around your neighborhood 
  26. Play a game of charades 
  27. Redecorate your place 
  28. Start a Pinterest board to plan for future decor changes 
  29. Organize the files on your computer and hard drive 
  30. Back up your important memories and documents to cloud services like Google drive 
  31. Bake some muffins, banana bread, or a cake 
  32. Create your own granola bars in the kitchen 
  33. Create a family recipe book 
  34. Start an online blog 
  35. Film, produce, edit, and share your first YouTube video 
  36. Crack open a bottle of wine
  37. Create a dish with what’s in your fridge 
  38. Bake some fresh home-made delicious cookies 
  39. Detail clean your shoes 
  40. Create a bouquet of flowers

Bree + Stephen are adventurous entrepreneurs based in Salt Lake City, Utah! They’re pioneers of the NO BS Podcast and hosts of their YouTube channel where they share travel videos, business tutorials, and lifestyle content! They live with their German Shepherd, Sequoia and are usually chugging coffee while on their way to a hike! Please contact for business inquiries or questions about the products in this list!

Things to do when bored at home
  1. April says:

    This is amazing and the motivation I need right now!

  2. Thank you very much for your amazing list.

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