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Don't we all? Lucky for you, you're already on that unforgettable adventure with your partner. Your love has grown into what it is today through a series of adventures and memories, and now it's time for you to document this momentous chapter in your relationship.

Whether you're celebrating an engagement, elopement, or anniversary, our mission is to guide couples like you on an adventure you'll never forget!

"you deserve an adventure you'll never forget"

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— for the adventurous soulmates

adventure sessions

Perfect for day-trips to hidden gems in Utah! The look of wonder in your partner's eyes will make your day as we explore EPIC western landscapes! Adventure sessions are like a double date with your photographers - except instead of crunching through a long list of stiff poses, we'll climb on giant rocks and goof off so you'll forget you're even on camera! 

*includes 90+ minutes taking pictures and travel covered near salt lake city, ut

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Big weddings aren't for everyone, we get that. Eloping is perfect for the ones who want to truly savor all of the moments without worrying about a timeline or formalities that come with a typical wedding day. It's all about just the two of you, the love you share, and being outside surrounded by Mother Nature! Whether you want to do a simple ceremony in town or go all out and do a helicopter ride into the mountains, we're here to celebrate the raw and real moments of your celebration - without all of the extra drama. 

starting at $4000

— for the ones who like simplicity 


*includes 4 hours of coverage and travel up to 100 miles from salt Lake City

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If you want to break the traditional mold of taking pictures in your hometown, then pack your bags and let's go on a road trip to a place that you've been dying to go explore (or a place you've already traveled to that holds a special place in your heart!) Whether you want to go off-roading in Moab, or horseback riding in the Grand Tetons-- this is the perfect excuse to do something badass and have it documented for the rest of time.

starting at $5500

— for the ones who want to go the extra mile

destination adventures

*includes half day of coverage and domestic travel

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