Online Passive Income Ideas for 2021

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November 11, 2020

Making online passive income as a creative entrepreneur can feel like learning a second language, especially when you’re juggling all the mess that comes with running your own business. Ironically, however, the more time you invest in generating online passive income ideas, the more time you can free up to focus on key elements of your business!

Online Passive Income Ideas


This buzz-word gets thrown around often! Online passive income is income generated from tasks that have been completed digitally and require little-to-no maintenance after being completed the first time.

Imagine doing your creative work once and getting paid for that work even though you’ll never have to touch it again! With passive income, you can go to bed and wake up with dozens of transactions! 



  • custom IG highlight story icon designs
  • custom logo designs
  • custom PDF designs
  • custom website designs 

When getting into passive income online, it can be tempting to service “custom” orders. DO NOT DO THIS!

In the beginning, this might be okay when you only have a handful of customers….but eventually, you only have so much time in the day to service these customers! That’s where passive income gives you leverage – you can serve 10,000 people in one day!

the reason why the tasks listed above are NOT passive is because to design custom work, you would have to communicate with each client one-by-one. for each client, you would have to onboard them…get to know them….design their product…deliver it….etc.

For passive income, you design the asset once. Then, after getting feedback from a beta group, you can launch the product and sell 10, 100, or even 100,000 downloads overnight! Like a Course, for example!

Just imagine being on a road trip, getting food and drinks after a long day of driving, and checking your email to see a $40 transaction from your instructional PDF workbook, a few $10 transactions from your highlight story icons, and a $100 from your masterclass…that pays for your food, gas, and more for the day! 

Online Passive Income Ideas


If you don’t yet see the benefits of using online passive income ideas for yourself, let’s change the tables for a second. Sure, you can make a sustainable income as an entrepreneur without passive income. But is it selfish to only focus on sustaining yourself?

the world has too much suffering and hardship these days, millions of people live day-to-day without food and water. Instead of being selfish and only living for ourselves, we’re investing time and energy in 2021 so we can scale our passive income and make a bigger impact than just living for ourselves.

Online Passive Income Ideas



Online Passive Income Ideas
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