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•Put an end to the stressful attempts at "fitting in with everyone else"

•Build an unforgettable, desirable, and recognizable brand online AND offline

•Learn a framework to create an authentic brand that your dream customers can't stop buying from

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for a second...

Branding is way more than just a cute logo, pretty fonts and curated colors. You can't just buy a branding kit on Etsy or Creative Market and call it a day.

Well, you could.... but you would be blending in with the thousands of others who did the same, so what's the point? (Trust us, we've been there first hand!)

We went from being the photographers who were trying way to hard to be someone we weren't, to creating a personal brand that people recognize instantly. 

Which = more sales.

Are you ready to level up your branding and stop hiding behind your branding kit?

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this used to be us...

This is us in 2017. We were photographing our very first wedding on Canon t3i's.... (yeah, no comment). Guess how much we were paid for this wedding? $500. Yup. Only $500 for an 8 hour wedding day (which is completely understandable)

Here's some photos
from our very first wedding:


When we first got into wedding photography, we were SO DESPERATE. Just so desperate for anyone to book us. We took anyone and everyone... even if they were the furthest thing from our ideal clients & at not so desirable locations.

We tried so hard to fit in with photographers who we looked up to and tried to copy their personalities, the way they dressed, and their exact moves. Looking back on it: it was so cringey. We remember even looking on Pinterest to see what we could find as far as inspiration and how we should interact with our clients!

And we continued to run our business like this for almost a year and half after the fact! We had no idea that your personal brand could play such a huge role in what clients you attract and the success of your business. Looking back on things, we wish we knew what we know now so we could have changed things earlier.


this is us now...

Now we show up authentically who we are. We don't give a shit about "fitting in" with other photographers and business owners. We've learned how to hone our own personal brand in order to scale our business and attract our dream customers.

Here's where we are now:


We've built a business that has allowed us to work with some incredible people in the most amazing places! We've learned to show up unapologetically and create a brand that our type of people vibe with, (all without pretending to be someone we're not!)

Our customers and clients know EXACTLY what they should expect, and are willing to pay any price in order to work with us; all because we make it clear on the front end with our personal brand.

Our personal brand has given us the opportunity to expand our business into other avenues besides just being photographers. It's allowed us to pivot; because people are buying from US. Not just a "business". 

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brand that stands out and...

Allows you to showcase your true personality to dream clients?

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Converts your followers into reoccurring customers?

Allows you to pivot your business if you ever wanted/needed to?

Positions you as a figure of authority in your niche?

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no bs brand

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15+ video lessons

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Videos are kept in small bite size pieces to help you digest the content easier (because lets be real, ain't nobody got time to watch twenty 30 min videos!)

Courses are available to watch on desktop or mobile

Downloadable workbook

14 page downloadable/printable workbook

50+ questions to help you reflect on your current position and where you want your brand to be

Work through at your own pace so that you can create the brand of your dreams!

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frequently asked


Yes! Everything we are teaching is applicable to any business that wants to build a reputable and desirable personal brand!

By the end of this course, you will have a clear vision on how you can incorporate your personal branding into all aspects of your business which will lead to more loyal customers and more sales!

Every person will complete the course in a different amount of time based on how many hours they put into the strategies and how much they implement into their branding! We suggest taking your time in order to implement everything precisely and as intentionally as possible!

We stand behind this course and if you complete all modules AND fill out all of the worksheets and feel as if you didn't get your money's worth-- please shoot us a message and we will happily refund your purchase!


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