Kajabi Affiliate Program - Tips and Strategies to Make Money
$159/mo for affiliate access

Tips and Strategies to Make Money with the Kajabi Affiliate Program

Affiliate marketing is a hot topic in 2020, especially with more people wanting to work from home during quarantine! When you start your affiliate marketing journey, you often run into the problem of low commissions so the only way to make decent money is to get thousands of clicks per month or to sell extremely expensive items! That’s why I’m so excited about the Kajabi Affiliate Program because it’s a multi-dimensional way to share helpful products with your audience while also generating passive or even recurring revenue from affiliate links!

What is Kajabi?

Kajabi is a software that helps entrepreneurs and business owners sell digital products, online courses, and membership site access to their audience without having to do any fancy coding! They also provide free business tutorials on their website and offer a 28-day free trial so you can get your first course up before paying your first dollar!

The reason why I picked Kajabi for our students is because, even though it’s not the cheapest option, it’s the easiest and most intuitive way for students to access a course or membership! All they have to do is download the kajabi app, log in with their email, and they can access your digital products anywhere they have wifi access! But how much can you make with the Kajabi Affiliate Program…?

Kajabi Affiliate Program - Tips and Strategies to Make Money

Let’s Start With Some Numbers:

I’m a photographer so let’s use a $2000 camera for example. At 3% you make $60 per commission – so to make $5000 per month you would need to sell 84 units which would cost your audience a total of $168,000! That’s a lot of money to convince people to spend for you to get your monthly income.

Now let’s switch to digital products, a software for example – they pay $200 commissions when someone signs up for a $20/mo software. Now you only need to sell 25 units of a $20/mo software which would cost your audience a total of $1000 in the first month! That’s a LOT easier, right?

That’s why the Kajabi affiliate program is epic! Not only can you get recurring revenue for referring members to the software, but you can also find strategic partners who create courses/memberships that are relevant to your audience to generate passive income! What makes the Kajabi Affiliate even better is that course creators or membership site owners can set their own affiliate commissions, and since digital products have 100x less expenses than physical products, you can expect commissions as high as $50, $200, or even. $400+!

According to Kajabi’s site, you make 30% lifetime commissions when someone signs up for the software with your link! So that means if you just get 15 people to sign up, that’s $15k in your pocket in the first 2 years! It’s easy to apply as a Kajabi Partner on their website and you can even compete in leaderboard challenges against top affiliates like Amy Porterfield and Stu Mc’Claren!

Now let’s say you have your own course/membership site and you want to set up an affiliate program for your product so that you don’t have to spend as much on advertising – Kajabi makes it easy to do with their Kajabi affiliate program! All you do is log into the affiliate dashboard, send a custom link to your partners, and then they can copy and paste their affiliate links to share about your products and (most importantly) help you make money while yo sleep!

The affiliate dashboard in the Kajabi Affiliate Program is LIT! You can see clicks, form submissions, conversions, the conversion rate, users, and more! You can also send a mass message to all your affiliate partners or export their data into another program! I suggest copying and pasting your affiliate application code into your phone notes so that if you are networking in person and come across the perfect fit for an affiliate partnership, you can airdrop or text that link to get them started from your phone! 

Remember – your product income is only 1 viral post with an affiliate link away! The Kajabi Affiliate Program makes this easy, so happy course creating and membership site growth! Don’t forget your 28-day free trial!

Stephen Kim

Bree and Stephen are an entrepreneurial power couple based in San Diego, California! They are pioneers of the NO BS Podcast and founders of the NO BS FaceBook Group. Their passion is helping creative entrepreneurs make more money, save more time, and live their best life! For business inquiries, please contact us via email.


Apr 15, 2020


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Kajabi Affiliate Program – Tips and Strategies to Make Money