Joshua Tree National Park Engagement Session

When these two cuties asked us to adventure on a Joshua Tree National Park Engagement Session, you already know our answer!

It’s crazy to think that we have known Andrea & Jason for almost a year now. They were the first people we met when we moved across the country to San Diego, so lets just say that we are so blessed to know them! They have brought so much light + happiness into not only our lives, but everyone else’s around them. You can tell these two were destined to be together, and after hearing their story of trials and triumphs, and how they ended up together in the end and madly in love; is a story that proves that if its meant to be then it will be.

We all headed to Joshua Tree and got ready for an epic weekend. We were SO stoked for this Joshua Tree National Park Engagement Session!

Believe it or not, it was really cold. Like, REALLY cold. Yet, you can’t even tell, because these two handled it like BOSSES and fought through the freezing weather in order to capture these intimate moments. (Especially props to Andrea for wearing a dress in 37 degree weather!!)

These two are such a pleasure to be around, because they mind us what true love really is. We cannot wait to photograph their wedding and get to be a part of their big day, so hopefully the clock tics faster!

Here are some of our favorites from their engagement session:

Joshua Tree National Park Engagement Session by Bree and Stephen Photography - San Diego Wedding Photographers

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