Hi friends! Let’s chat about growing and monetizing a Facebook group. we’re excited to share with you exactly how we grew our Facebook group to over 15,000 members in less than one year! There’s a million reasons why we love spending our free time in our facebook groups, but let’s get into some of the top benefits!

Benefits of growing and monetizing a Facebook group

The first benefit of growing a Facebook group is you can grow a community! We had no idea how many friendly photographers are right here run our back yard. Once our group started growing, we realized there were 200 photographers just like us here in San Diego and another 300 photographers nearby in Los Angeles!

Another reason why we love having a Facebook group is you can cross-promote your content across multiple social media platforms! Let’s say you have an audience on Instagram but you just started an account on TikTok, you can drive traffic from your facebook group to your new social platform!

The secret to living is giving, and you can use your Facebook group to help infinitely more people than you ever could in person. 1 video can help 15k of our community members at once instead of us having to video chat with each individual group member!

Once you help group members and you have success stories of community members who achieved results, you can start selling products/services in your group! you can do 1-on-1 Skype sessions, group sessions on zoom, or sell instant downloads like workbooks, guides, and presets! The best part about selling products and services in your facebook group is you can start to make passive income from your phone! You can literally wear PJs at work!

The final benefit about growing a facebook group is that you can position yourself as a figure of authority. Now, when couples inquire for our services – we feel like we have the authority to charge our prices because we’ve positioned ourselves as experts in our field! Instead of sitting on the sidelines wondering how to grow your business, you can jump in the trenches and bring your facebook group along for the journey.

Our story

So now that you’re excited to start growing and monetizing a facebook group to create passive income yourself, let us tell you a little bit about how we got started! When we first made our Facebook group, it was originally for the customers who bought our Lightroom presets! After some time engaging in the group, the group evolved into a community where creatives can discuss marketing, branding, and personal development! We started teaching about Instagram marketing in the group and found 15k photographers who were also looking to learn about Instagram marketing.

Then the group evolved again into a place for entrepreneurs to discuss No BS marketing tips and straight-to-the-point strategies to grow as a person! Take a look at your audience on your current social media platforms and look for common struggle. We were sick of seeing people paying $300/mo for ads on wedding blogs when we knew quick/easy instagram strategies that converted leads into bookings, so our group came naturally. What’s something that you see people complaining about time and time again? Do you know how to solve that problem? Be the plug!

Okay so now that you know our story, let’s get into some practical tips to help you grow your own Facebook group and start creating passive income for yourself! You just have to promise to get matching PJs with your dog, okay?

Easy steps to grow your Facebook group

1.) Find a problem…. and solve it.

The first tip to growing your facebook group rapidly is finding a common problem that you know how to solve! The problem we solved was lead generation: too many photographers were either paying too much for leads or not finding leads at all! We knew a free, fast way to generate clicks to your website that could convert to leads, so we shared that concept in video form/post form/PDF form for our Facebook group members!

2.) Brand the group

The next tip is to brand the group and create a name for the group! Don’t just throw something together, think of a name that your group members can call themselves! For example, our group members can call themselves “The No BS Society” because in the Facebook group they learn No BS strategies to grow in business and in life! Back when our group name was instagram marketing secrets, the group members didn’t have a name to connect with. Create a brand identity and embed a culture into the group so that members feel part of a tribe!

3.) Share the group everywhere!

Our next tip is to share your group with friends and family on social media! you might already be in some industry-related facebook groups, do a “group search” for keywords related to your group! We checked out dozens of photography groups and searched for phrases like “instagram marketing” and participated in those conversations. Make sure not to promote your group if it’s against the group rules! Make friends with the admins and let them know what your group has to offer for their audience.

4.) Create content & stay active

Now that you’re growing your group, it’s time to start creating content and stay active in the group! many people will say to automate your group posts, but we encourage you to be present with your members with every post you make! After all, there’s a human on the other side of that facebook profile. ask them questions about their biggest challenges and goals! Create guides, checklists, challenges, assets, and anything else that can help your group members! Canva.com is an awesome resource for designing PDFs and instant downloads because you can add photos and customize the templates to match your brand colors/fonts.

5.) Have big names come speak in your group

You don’t need to make all the content yourself. Sometimes you can invite industry professionals to entertain your community in the form of freebies, instant downloads, training videos, or live interviews! For example, Bree and I are photographers but we are not lawyers. However, photographers need good legal info – so our community would benefit from digital downloads or a live interview with a legal professional! Shoot for some big names because you can cross-promote your audiences! Make sure that you have value to add to the names you pitch! Don’t just ask them to speak in your group. Offer to promote their social media links and keep the interview video in the units tab of your group so the content becomes evergreen!

6.) Don’t try and monetize it too quickly

By now your group is picking up speed, but slow down! We want to share with you our biggest mistake – trying to monetize our group too quickly! Instead of focusing on group member success, we got distracted at first and didn’t give our group members the hands on help they deserved. When you see your facebook group grow, find ways to help your audience get quick results just as you did when you only had a hand full of members! In this stage, it’s vital to focus on group member success.

7.) Create FREE content and THEN paid

Now your audience is red hot, they’re achieving results and they’re excited to be a part of a VIP community! Give them more! If you have some sort of cheat sheet, checklist, mini course, or workshop to offer them – put it together and create an irresistible offer for your group members! key word here is “irresistible offer!” Look at competitors – what are they offering? We saw people charging $2000 for workshops and $3000 for online course, so we decided to charge $10/mo to give course-level tips in 1/2 the time in the No BS Society! We realized that people don’t have $3000 to invest in a course or 30 hours to learn a business strategy, so we share 30 minute mini-courses for as little as $10!

8.) Create a content loop

Our next tip for growing and monetizing your facebook group is to create a content loop, it’s super simple! All you have to do is share some helpful tips that group members can dive deeper in on another platform. Since blogging helps your SEO and organic rankings on Google, we send facebook group members to blog posts that relate to the posts in our facebook group. For example, group members want to learn blogging tips. We can make a simple post in the group with blogging tips and then share the link to a recent blog post as inspiration for fellow community members! Then, at the bottom of that blog post, you can “loop” your audience onto a 3rd piece of content! For example, the bottom of our blog posts sends viewers to a landing page about our presets!

9.) Post success stories and utilize the “units”

We touched on success stories, the units tab, and evergreen content earlier, but it’s worth bringing up again! Whenever group members post about their results, celebrate with them like its cinco de mayo! Add their success story posts to your units tab and build a list of inspiration stories for new group members to sort through. This content will be available for as long as you so please, making it evergreen!

Thank you so much

Thank you guys for looking over our shoulder on our journey growing and monetizing a facebook group! As you can see, it’s more than just creating passive income. We’ve learned that the best parts of having a facebook group aren’t the financial benefit, though that is a huge plus! Our favorite part about our community is hearing the transformations. Let’s face it, we’re different people today than we were yesterday. how good does it feel to be better than your past self? We love hearing about community members who are implementing these tips and growing personally or in their business. life is about connecting, growing, and celebrating. That’s what our group is all about and we’re so excited to see you grow a group like this of your own! If there’s anything we can do for you, don’t hesitate to reach out! Love you guys!



Oct 30, 2019


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Growing and Monetizing a Facebook Group in 2021