The coaching industry passed the education industry evaluating at over $15.6 Billion as of 2020, and FaceBook Rooms are making a seamless integration between your free FaceBook Groups and your coaching funnels! Let’s have a conversation about FaceBook Rooms & Your Coaching Business!

FaceBook Rooms & Your Coaching Business - bree and stephen discuss facebook rooms

With this new social software on FaceBook, everyone’s asking….”SHOULD you be popping in your FaceBook Rooms spontaneously or should you schedule a planned event?”

“Will your free room access devalue your 1-on-1 coaching offers?”

“Will your dog bark in the background and embarrass you in front of your leads???!”

“How can I use this new feature to get new coaching gigs?!”

These are great questions, and while we don’t think there’s a one-sized-fits all answer, here’s our answers and reasoning behind them:

Should you plan an event or should you pop into Rooms spontaneously?

Both options sound great, but I think spontaneous rooms are a better option because, at the time of writing this, you can not mute incoming guests! That means if you have an event planned and people join late, their background noises could distract your room guests or you during a presentation!

Spontaneity = authenticity! And it also helps people subscribe to your group so they can look out for these spontaneous Rooms! And TBH – it helps your customers get to know you on a human level. Highly recommend doing it!

Will participating in free Rooms devalue my paid coaching services?

If you built a FaceBook group and you use your free group to drive traffic to your 1-on-1 coaching services – then you’ll want to set clear boundaries for your group members so they know what kind of interactions with you are paid and which interactions are appropriate in free FaceBook rooms!

For example – group hot seats or live masterclasses could be in your paid program whereas casual conversations and Q&A could be in your free group Rooms!

If you think participating in free FaceBook rooms will devalue your paid coaching services, then get those scarcity thoughts out of your head! There is an abundance of opportunities to grow your coaching business and FaceBook rooms makes it seamless for your leads to get to know you face-to-face! 

How can I use FaceBook Rooms to grow my coaching business?

This depends on your goals for your business. For example, if you are a personal trainer, you could join a city-specific Facebook group (a buy/sell group, networking, outdoor activities) and start a free room for people to work out in every day at 7 AM! Eventually, locals will start talking about your work out show in your Rooms and inquire for a 1-on-1 personal training session!

If you are an online marketing coach trying to sell your courses, you could join some marketing FaceBook groups and create a Room for people to talk about marketing design, data, theory, etc! The KEY is to serve before selling. Don’t just show up to push your products…you might embarrass yourself! Instead, start genuine conversations and provide thoughtful insight that can help the group members accomplish their goals! This will get them interested in your brand and eventually send traffic to your course landing page.

If you are a local photography coach, you could join a local moms group and create a Room for people to do a study hall with their kids and meet other moms! Then you could screen share and show some photos you’re editing to see if any moms are looking to learn how to start a photo business like you!

Bree and Stephen are community building content creators based in San Diego who lead a Free FaceBook group with over 16,000 members. They share free business growth hacks on their NO BS podcast and have a contagious passion for helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses! 

Are you looking to leverage the power and convenience of FaceBook rooms to book more coaching gigs? Are you looking to send more traffic to your courses, landing pages, and memberships? FaceBook rooms is the most authentic way you can do so in 2020! We want to help you use this new tool, so contact us for a free 15-minute mastermind about FaceBook Rooms and your coaching business! 




May 16, 2020


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FaceBook Rooms & Your Coaching Business