5 tips for Getting Angelic Photos on Your Wedding Day

We’ve photographed enough weddings to know that they don’t always go according to plan. Unfortunately, there’s un-foreseen event’s that happen that can throw off the entire day (yup, we’ve been there) and that’s just how weddings sometimes are. Our jobs as the photographers is to try our best to capture everything that is important to you, and grab the real emotions and feelings throughout the day. We work with your timeline to stay as organized as possible throughout the day so that 20 years later you can have iconic images to look back on. Here are our top 5 tips for getting angelic photos on your wedding day!


1) Plan Your Day Around Sunset.

You’re an angel, we know. And that’s why we want you to enjoy the angelic light that beams during golden hour! Golden hour is the time just before sunset and right after sunrise that makes everything better. Agreed? It’s the light that travels from 8,000,000 miles away just to remind you how luminous you are. It’s lit. Especially during your wedding ceremony or bridal portraits! 🙂 

This lighting is our absolute favorite to photograph couples in. Its that soft, airy light that we live for, and it never fails to make the photographs turn out stunning. It’s also the most flattering, and doesn’t create harsh shadows on faces or bodies. Over all, 10/10 would recommend shooting bridal portraits during sunset.

2) Tell Your Photographer What’s Important to You!

A great photographer is not just there to help you get likes on Instagram, the right photographer for your wedding is present to document your commitment to a life together. Together in front of all your family and friends. In order for them to capture this experience from your favorite perspective, you’ll have tell them how you really feel!

We normally ask our couples:

-Is there a family member that you don’t see as often as you wish you did that you want some photos with?

-Does your father’s breath-taking reaction to seeing you in your dress for his first time mean the world to you?

– Is there a special heirloom that’s been passed down in your family that you wish to have photographed? (jewelry, hair pin, shoes, framed photographs, etc.)

We love to get your perspective on what you want photographed. This is an oddly convenient time in your life for you to take photos with a friend or family member! Everyone’s dressed up, in a beautiful location, and happy to see you so take a quick moment to document this time with them.

3) Consider a first look.

A first look is a great opportunity to get those tears out before you step in front of all your guests! It’s the only time during your wedding day that you’ll get to spend alone together and really enjoy each others company before seeing all of your family and friends. It’s your first time seeing each other before walking down the aisle, so the day suddenly becomes that much more real. This is a great chance to take bridal portraits and get 2 minutes alone to look into each others souls before walking down the aisle as partners in life. A lot of our brides say this is their favorite part of the day because it’s really the only few moments alone that they get! 

4) Book an Engagement Session, and do it Early!

Get this out of the way PRONTO!! Your engagement session is a necessary ice-breaker that gets you more experienced in front of the camera. You also want to be sure that your photographer is not only talented, but respectful, accommodating, lively, and all around good people as well. If you don’t work well with your photographer during your engagement shoot, what makes you think you’ll work well with them during your wedding when you will be seeing them all day? Your wedding day will have a lot of moving parts, so this extra grip of confidence will help you succeed. The right photographer will be your side-kick that uses cameras as weapons!

5) Have a Wedding Coordinator the Day of Your Event.

We cannot stress this enough. The coordinator is going to be your saving grace on your big day. Your day should include absolutely zero responsibilities. It’s your wedding, not adult babysitting day…and let’s be real, babysitting adults is even harder than watching kids! Your wedding coordinator must be in contact with all vendors and influencers of your wedding day before the date and all day during the event. They need to make sure that all vendors have the same timeline, are aware of that timeline, and are updated quickly if plans deviate. Don’t be upset if your day doesn’t stick exactly to the timeline, your coordinator will save the day by communicating effectively! 

We hope these 5 tips and tricks give you a piece of mind as you plan your wedding. Happy planning!



Bree + Stephen

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