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5 Reasons to Plan Your Anniversary Trip in Carlsbad, CA

With over 350,000 miles of coastline on planet earth, how do you and bae pick the most epic/relaxing vacation destination for your anniversary trip? In this blog post, we tell you our top 5 Reasons to Plan Your Anniversary Trip in Carlsbad, CA!

1) When Kids Go Back To School, Summer Starts in Carlsbad

Photo by Bree & Stephen Photography

Contrary to popular belief, May & June are NOT the best beach months in Carlsbad due to the Marine Layer of fog that swallows the coastal towns. This Bummer to Summer usually burns off by early-to-mid July! Perfect timing for when the kids go back to school in August!

“Don’t plan your trip here during the Bummer of Summer, we want you to have a GREAT time not a GRAY time!” – Bree & Stephen

2) Authentic Food, Elegant Atmosphere

Carlsbad locals know about the abundance of food choices, but listen closely to these few recommendations! 

  • Jeune et Jolie – Get a Cocktail & Indulge in Fresh Seafood
  • Campfire – Get the Roasted Broccoli with Fish Sauce, Don’t Ask Questions JUST DO IT!
  • Blue Ocean Robata – Get the Albacore Tuna Sliced Sashimi, it Melts in Your Mouth!

“We are better together.” -Campfire

3) Catch Romantic Sunsets on The Beach

Whether you stay close by at Carlsbad State Beach or venture down to Terra Mar Beach to explore tide pools during low tide, you’re in for some gorgeous sunset! 

4) Peace, Quiet & Serenity

If you want close access to a city (60 minute train ride) but a peaceful atmosphere where you can take a nap on the beach without a football landing on your face, Carlsbad is for you! 

People don’t come here to party like it’s spring break – they come to slow down and enjoy a well-preserved beach village. Leave your watch at home and let the sunshine warm your face as you sip an IPA from Stone Brewing!

5) Take Anniversary Photos in Gorgeous Weather

Carlsbad summers are perfect weather! According to Accu Weather, the average temperature high in august in 78 with the average low being 65! As Photographers, we’d be remiss not to tell you how perfect that feels when you’re dressed up for photos!

Since you’re already dressed up to capture memories for life, you might as well go out for a nice dinner after the sunset session! For pricing and availability, send us an email 2-6 weeks before your anniversary trip!

Bonus Tip) You’re Less Than 60 Minutes From Coronado Island

Coronado Island is home of the Hotel Del Coronado – and it’s a fun day trip for your anniversary vacation in Carlsbad! You can rent a bike, walk the beach, and grab an ocean-front lunch! Click Here for fun recommendations in the area from our photographer friend Camila! 

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