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June 5, 2017

UF Graduating Class of 2017

College graduation is such a bittersweet moment! As the year comes to an end, everyone is reflecting on the experiences, amazing people, and lessons learned over time. We got the opportunity to capture these special moments for so many amazing individuals. It gave us a little insight on their lives and who they are as people. Every one of them has such a unique story and we’re excited to watch them grow and accomplish their dreams and goals over the next few years.

This year was spent popping a whole lot of champagne, blowing confetti, and my all time favorite…. spending time with all of their super cute pups!!!

Here are just a few of our favorite sessions this year:






It warms our hearts to see all these beautiful people transition into the next chapter in their lives. The gator community is indeed everywhere. See you soon, gators!

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