February 5, 2017

Street Style Photoshoot | Gainesville Photographer

Okay I’m going to be real…….


Not going to lie, we were absolutely terrified about how these photos were going to turn out….because we started shooting around 3pm and the sun was still high in the sky. If you’re a natural light photographer then you know that photographing mid day is not the move. We worked with what we had, and these photos turned out absolutely AMAZING! These are hands down some of my favorite portraits we’ve ever taken.

We drove up to the top of one of the parking garages on UF’s campus & luckily we were the only ones up there. We had a blast shooting our model Goda! She is one of those people we’re blessed to know and she is SO much fun to be around. She just goes with the flow and was open to whatever ideas we threw her way. We’re SO glad she vibed with us because we couldn’t be any happier with these photos 🙂

Although we specialize in wedding photography, we love taking time to branch out into any type of portrait or commercial photography. They say the best way to find out what you love to do is to try a million things and learn what you DON’T love to do…but we definitely love photographing beautiful people!

We would love to here your comments, what do you guys think? Cheers!


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