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February 20, 2017

Portrait Session | Florida Cactus Inc

What could be better than going on a cactus shopping spree? Photographing the experience with the lovely Ariana Laracuente. We spent the day at Florida Cactus Inc, located in Apopka, FL. They are the PLUG for cacti, no joke. Other than sweating profusely in a greenhouse, this place is aesthetically pleasing. ESPECIALLY if you want some dope portraits!

Ariana is such a cute lil thang and she brings so much energy into the room everywhere she goes! She works 4 jobs, is an aspiring cardiologist at UCF, and STILL manages to squeeze in time for awesome days like this. In between all of the contagious laughing, singing, and dancing, we managed to capture some modelesque portraits during this session.

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